Getting to know Jesus - The Wow Factor 

In this  teaching you will discover the special qualities that Jesus possessed that had the people around Him astonished and marvelling at His insight into the human condition.
These characteristics defined who Jesus was.

  • What charactertistics do you have that define you?
  • The Word of God teaches us, "As Jesus is, so are we in this world!"



The Grace of Giving

God wants us to excel in the grace of giving. When we give to Him first he meets all our needs and gives us plenty left over to give others. Generous givers always have more. God gives us seed to sow through the work of our hands using the gifts He has given us.



Give It Your All

In this message Pastor Max encourages us to live and to serve with excellence. God has given us special abilities and gifts to do His will and serve one another. God’s gifts come to us by grace but we have to manage them. We need to recognize our gifts and use them for the good of others. Let God’s Word frame what you think and do. Use your unique gift at church, at home and at work for the good of others. And whatever you do, do it with excellence. Let your life brings glory to God.


The Church we Dream of

Acts 2 tells us what the local church should look like: this is the Church that Jesus is building. We call this the Church of Our Dreams. Come and be a part of it.


Don't Stop Expecting

God wants His people to expect from Him bigger and higher things and He is making sure our dreams are being fulfilled. It doesn’t happen automatically but is a process that unfolds as we expectantly live out our life for Jesus. Keep on being glad – focus on positive expectations. Don’t let past bad experiences cause you to lose your expectations. Change your focus, be positive. Take every thought captive. It’s hard work to daily expect blessings but God’s promises are for me and I can overcome anything.


Take Back Your Victory, Pt. 2

In this teaching, Pastor Max reminds us how to handle our difficulties using the Word of God with skill and grace. We need to acknowledge the problem in order to walk in faith, but remember: our fight is not against people, it’s a fight to stay in faith. Be perfectly balanced in facing the problem but declaring the way out in faith and learn to encourage yourself in the Lord, just as David did in 1 Samuel 30.



Take Back Your Victory 

When Something Happens, Get Your Victory Back! Join Pastor Max as he uncovers powerful insights from the story of David and his men returning to their devastated hometown. Discover how David's faith reaction led them to victory in the face of adversity. If we do what David did, we can have victory in a difficult situation.


Hang on Five More Minutes

God has planted you as seed in the world. In the storms of life see how to be healthy seed so you can bear fruit to fulfil God’s purpose. You were born for this time.


The YOU the world needs

God is using us to reach this messed up world. Be like Zacchaeus. He overcame obstacles and ran ahead of the crowd to see Jesus. Jesus knew his name and Jesus knows your name and is waiting to help you overcome. Our mission is to love God absolutely and love others sacrificially.


God's Blueprint to Transform the World, pt 3

In Part 3 of our series on "God's Purpose to Transform the World" Pastor Max delves into our divine assignment of effecting positive change for God in our world. God has scattered us as good seed among the tares in this generation for his purpose: to know Jesus and to make him known.



God's Blueprint to Transform the World, pt 2

Where does all the evil in the world come from? Learn how The Parable of the Wheat and Tares applies to the world we live in today. When you understand this, you are free from asking ‘why?’. God has planted us as seeds in our world so that we can be co-labourers with God to change the world.


God's Blueprint to Transform the World, pt 1


God is calling out a people to get involved with what really counts. Everywhere we go, we need to influence people with righteousness, peace, and joy. Then God will get involved.



Be Thankful!

God wants us to be joyful, pray continually and give thanks in all circumstances. This is God’s will for us. Thankfulness is an attitude of our hearts. Don’t let anything steal your thankfulness.



Be Brave!

What God said to Joshua He’s also saying to us today. Get ready, you are going somewhere else, move forward. Be strong and courageous. It’s not an option, it’s an order from heaven. If we do what Joshua did, we will get the same results.



Determined Living

September brings in a new season and a new school year. It’s a good time to review where you are spiritually. Spiritual growth is not automatic and not by accident. Don’t let your walk with Christ become a routine. Expect the unexpected. What is your dream? Don’t give up on it.



How to Fulfill Your Purpose

God has placed eternity in our hearts and made each of us with different abilities. We discover our purpose by identifying our passions. In "How to fulfill your purpose" Pastor Max shows us the steps we need to take to fulfill our purpose. God is pulling you to your future but it's not automatic. If you feel you’re not in the middle of God’s purpose for you, its time to take action.



How to Discover Your Purpose

In part 3 of the “purpose” series, Pastor Max teaches how you can discover your purpose. One important indication is your passion: what are you passionate about? What do you want to do that you wish you could do all the time? When the way God made you converges with your passion, you touch the eternity that God has placed in your heart (Ecclesiastes. 3:11).



Why pursue purpose

Your skills and interests were designed by God. As you make the effort to please God, he will use you. God wants you to be a passionate pursuer of his purposes for you.




When we receive Jesus in our hearts, we belong to God’s family. We have all the rights and privileges that Jesus has as God’s son. We are joint heirs with Jesus. We don’t just share God’s Kingdom. It belongs to us as much as it belongs to Christ.


Expect a Great Harvest

Everything in the Kingdom of God works on the sowing seed principle (Mark 4). Different soils have different responses. In this message Pastor Connie enlightens us on how we can be good soil, bear much fruit and expect a great harvest.


Maximum Results

In Mark 4, Jesus taught a foundational parable called “The Parable of the Sower”. In it, He describes four kinds of soils, or hearts, that yield four kinds of results. Would you like to get maximum results in every area of your life? Locate what kind of soil your heart is, understand and neutralize hindrances to growth, and learn how to bear fruit to the max.


Our Firm Foundation - Jesus

In the midst of the pressure of our daily lives, we can overcome because we have a firm foundation. Don’t lose your faith over anything that is coming against you.



He shall have Dominion

Happy Canada Day! 🇨🇦

Our nation was founded on Judeo-Christian principles, and our motto is “God will have dominion from sea to sea.” (Psa. 78:2). As we celebrate this beautiful holiday, we remind ourselves that in order for us to live in a free, peaceful and prosperous country, we must pray for it, speak to its people, vote the right values and get involved in its life.


The Father-heart of God

In writing to the Corinthian church, the apostle Paul lists five essential characteristics of a father and a mentor. These qualities are a reflection of God our Father, who is Honorauble, Loving and Merciful. Adopting these qualities as a lifestyle, will make us better people and will greatly improve our relationships both at home and at work.


Eternity in the Heart - Pt. 2

God knew you before the world began and He has a plan and a purpose for you: your purpose was on God’s mind before the beginning. (2 Tim. 1:9) Be aware of who God created you to be and choose to obey to God’s wonderful plan for your life: it’s definitely better that anything you’ll ever be able to imagine.


Eternity in the Heart

Ecclesiastes 3:11 tells us that God has planted eternity in our hearts. Eternity means having an awareness of God.

Get your heart lined up with the heart of God. God is working in your life to take you somewhere.

Every day counts because God is doing something in you and through you to reach others.




We come to church with two powerful things: our Bibles, and our traditions. Let’s protect our hearts from the wrong traditions and be filled by the Word of God! We have been made clean by the blood of Jesus.


God Is Not Angry

Many believe that God is angry and enjoys punishing people for their bad behavior. In reality the Apostle Paul describes a loving God who sent Jesus to pay the price for our sin: Jesus became sin for us and died on the cross. Just receive what Jesus has done.


Turn Worry into Trust

Jesus tells us in Matthew 6:32-33 how not to worry: “Seek first God’s Kingdom and His righteousness.” When you seek His Kingdom first, you turn your worry into faith.


The Absolute Goodness of God

God doesn’t cause bad things to happen. The Bible says hundreds of times that: “The LORD is good, and his mercy endures forever.”



Getting Along

We’re all different, with different gifts but all necessary. We have to connect with people who are not like us. Sometimes, this takes work: some assembly is required. Our assembly point is Jesus.




Second Mile Living Pt 2

Going the extra mile leads you to excellence and it makes you victorious. You always have the

attitude of overcoming evil with good.














Second Mile Living

In Matthew 5:38-42, Jesus talks about an attitude of love that is strong and leads to a victorious lifestyle.




Praying Passionately

Prayer should not be a dead tradition or a boring duty, but fervent and exciting. We have tremendous power available to us!





His Name Is ..

In this Christmas message, we discover how the birth of Jesus is still relevant today and how He truly can make a difference in our lives.



The Power of Forgiveness

Forgiving people when they hurt us is hard to do. This teaching explains reasons why it’s hard to forgive and helps us to overcome the obstacles to unforgiveness.
(Col. 3:12-13)


Our Sins are forgiven

The precious blood of Jesus forgives all our sins and wipes them out as if they never existed (Mt. 26:26-28).



New Hope Pt.2


Today we may look at the world and wonder what is going on?

Jesus was clear that no matter what happens, he said, “Don’t worry about it. Don’t be anxious.  Cheer up.”



A New Hope


God is active right now to restore peace to us and give us hope,

but he needs people to cooperate with him. What does he want from us? He wants us to believe that he is the God of hope.


The Touch of
Faith Pt 2


Ask and it will be given, seek and you will find, knock and it will be opened.

God’s grace is provided but we need to show up and take it.


The Touch of Faith Pt 1


Don’t settle for a life of constant suffering.

You have control by what you’re believing and what you’re saying.



Faith - Believe with the heart
Pt. 4

Put God’s word in your heart, where your faith comes from.

Then when you pray you can be fully convinced that you will have what you prayed for.


Back to the Basics -Faith


Forgiveness is important to God.

God not only forgives our sins, he wants us to forgive others. Before you can move on in prayer, who do you need to forgive?


Back to the Basics -Faith


Jesus tells us we can pray for ‘whatever’.  This is anything big or small.When you pray, believe that you have received what you’ve asked for.


Back to the Basics - Faith


If you’re a believer, you can move mountains!

Jesus has given you authority over your problems so use your faith and your voice to command them to leave.



When our hearts are full of Jesus - we are changed.






Preparing you for your Victory


God sees the battles you are facing and just like King  David, if we are obedient to what God is saying, He will lead you to overcome every battle.


Overcoming Your Giant

When you slay your giant, it changes you forever. You don’t go back to your previous place. When you overcome difficulties, it activates the anointing that’s in you.



Turing our battles into victories 

We all face different battles in life but God’s plan is for us to have victory over them all. 1John 5:4, "For every child of God defeats this evil world, and we achieve this victory through our faith.”


Our Covenant

Jesus' sacrifice for us not only cleansed our body but also cleansed our heart from a guilty conscience. Our new and better covenant is full of salvation, forgiveness of sins, healings and blessings


 God's Design


God has already prepared good works for you to do and has set up good paths for you to walk in.



What was God really doing in the Resurrection of Jesus? 

In giving life to Christ, God was also giving life to you and I. 




The Way We Are 

As we study the powerful verses found in Ephesians 2:5-6, we begin to understand the marverlous truths of what we have in and through Christ.


The Way We Were 

We are reminded of the great work that God did through Jesus for us. The way we were is NOT the way we are now in Christ!



ZOE - Life in You 


God has given us a marvelous gift that resides in us and that we can draw from anytime we need to.




The Woman at the Well Pt 2


Jesus not only ministers to the Samaritan woman but also reveals who He truly is to her.



The Woman at the Well


Jesus shows us how to reach the lost when He talked and ministered to the woman at the well.


 The Kingdom of God 

Understanding the Kingdom of God is the powerful message in this teaching.




The Reality of the New Birth

As Jesus explains to Nicodemus the true meaning of being in fellowship with God, we come to understand the reality of our New Birth in Christ.


God provides when we are in need

Looking at how Jesus provided  fish for His disciples in a moment of need, we can see how God's desire is to provide for His children.


God wants to Bless His People Pt3

 God not only provides but also sustains His people.





Whoever touches Jesus is changed!
Jesus is our HOPE.




God wants to bless His people Pt2

God's keeps His word towards us concerning His blessings.



God wants to bless His people

 God's heart is to provide for His people.




 God of the Breakthrough

 God has always provided a way escape. He makes a way where there seems to be no way.



Overcoming Fear! 

God has made us free from fear. We can chose to live in fear or FAITH.



You are fit!

Through the work of Christ we have already won our battles.



Faith is a Person

 When we follow in the footsteps of Jesus our faith is renewed and grows.



 Lord open my eyes

 As we look at 2 Kings 6:8-17, we are encouraged as we realize that  there are many more with us than those against us.


 Look to Jesus Pt.3 

Through Jesus man has entered into a rest and through Him we have all things.



Look to Jesus  Pt 2

As we look to Jesus we realize that our faith is built upon our relationship with Him.



Look to Jesus

As we consider Jesus and what He has done for us we are encouraged in our faith walk. 



 Fit for the Fight

Discover how you can take possession of what we have been given by God through Jesus Christ.



 The Table 

God has prepared a table before  you

full of His blessings. 



Determination = 

Discover how God is Lord of your breakthrough.


Fair & Splendid Pt.2

Understanding the times we are living in. God is still moving and we still have the victory!


Fair & Splendid

Understanding the times we are living in. God is still moving and we still have the victory!


 Peacemakers  Pt.2

One of the  definitions of PEACE is:
Nothing missing - nothing broken. We are complete in Christ.




As we continue looking at becoming more Christ like - PEACE and becoming peacemakers  is centre to our Jesus character within us.


Peace, Hope, Future


In this New Year - God has promised to give us a future full of hope and peace. Life can come from something that seemed lifeless.


The Lord's Table       

In this morning's teaching discover what the Lord has prepared for you at His table.




 Becoming Unsinkable  Pt.2

As we continue in this teaching  we see how God's grace and faith are key factors in staying unsinkable.


 Becoming Unsinkable 

The days of Noah can be compared to these unusal times. In this teaching we discover how to become unsinkable and have the right preceptive concerning who God is. 


 The Exceptional Father  Pt.3

Discover how this exceptional father celebrated and received his precious son when he returned home.



 The Exceptional Father  Pt.2

As we continue our study in this wonderful story, we discover the steps the prodigal son took in realizing that he needed to return home to his father.  


The Exceptional Father

We can identify ourselves in the amazing story of , “The Prodigal Son”. This parable also reveals the love, acceptance, and forgiveness of a loving Father. 


W.E.L.L. Pt. 5   Love

Discover the 10 ways the Good Samaritian helped the injured person on the road. We are commanded by God to love others as He has loved us.


W.E.L.L. Pt. 4   Love

God wants us to live free from hatred and in the story of the Good Samaritan Jesus  explains how we can love ALL people, no matter who they are., unconditionally!


W.E.L.L.  Pt. 3 Worship

Worship - When we behold the presense of God we are lifted up - we are transformed and changed.



We discovered that we need to "Dance in the Desert". Thanking God is an attitude that we are to have in all circumstances.  


W.E.L.L. Pt. 2 Evangelize

Looking at the "Samartian Woman", we are inspired to reach the un-reached.


W.E.L.L.  Pt.1 Learning  

Learning from Jesus how to talk to others so that they may know their Heavenly Father.


Fulfilling Destiny

The talents that God has given each one of us directs us to our own unique purpose and destiny.  


The Process of Faith Pt.2

The walk of faith is a lifestyle in which God specializes in making the "impossibe", possible.​​​​​​​


The Process of Faith  

If we are going to overcome doubt, fear or any difficult sitution, we are going to need faith. Our faith is based on our relationship with God.


God's Presence 

Enjoy this morning’s service with one of our core leaders, Graham Ambrose.  God’s  presence is in us today so we can tell others about  His  great love for mankind.


The Future is Bright

God has made each one of us unique in our own way. When we realize the gifts and talents that God has placed in us, we have victory!


Plans and Purposes

God has called us by name and He has designed us for a specific purpose. As we allow Him to guide us we find fulfillment in our lives.


God's Plan for You

It's possible to know God's plans and assignments for your live. He has called each one of us to live a life that is  pleasing and worthy.  


The Furture  Awaits

God has known you since before He formed you in your mother's womb. He called you and gave you a purpose to fullfil.


Hope Pt. 2

The promises of God are anchored in Christ. This is our hope. Therefore worry, doubt and the problems of this world have no hold on us. 


The New "Normal"

The Jesus way to handle the "New Normal". 





Do not let your hearts be troubled because of the circumstances around you.



Open the Door and Receive

Even in the most difficult situations God will be present to move on our behalf. He will show us new doors of opportunities to open.  


The Blessed Life

A look at Matthew 5 - Blessed: - happy, to be envied, prosperous, full of joy and satisfaction! 


Good means "Good" Pt.3

God is a good Father who gives good gifts to his children. He does not give stones for bread, or snakes for fish. He gives good things to those who ask Him


Good means "Good" Pt.2

Let's bask in the love, mercy, and goodness of our Heavenly Father! He is not just the God of second chances, He is the God of infinite chances!


Good means "Good" Pt.1

We can rejoice and be confident in the fact that God is good, He gives good gifts. And good means "good". 



The Good Things

We are changed from glory to glory!  He changes our life, makes us alive and seats us in heavenly places. This means that we reign in life with Him!


Invitation to Transformation

God wants to take us to a higher way of living, so that we can experience His blessings and goodness. 



Passing with Flying Colours

Get ready to learn how to ace tests, trials and temptations of life. God has created each one of us to be overcomers in every area of our lives.


Always with Victorious

When we move from pondering and then treasuring and then applying  the Word to our lives, we can receive all that God has for us. God has made us to triumph in Christ Jesus!


Expect Miracles in Crisis

God opportunities don't always look like how we think they should! However, when we do things God's way, we will be greatly blessed


The Right Prespective

We have to learn how to have the right perspective because "our lives are shaped by our thoughts" Seeing things from God's perspective, will change your life forever!


God Stands with Us

God wants us to know that He has prepared a way out of every hardship. God will stand with us and can change our worst moments into our greatest victories!


Believing in the Resurrection

The resurrection is not only proven biblically but it is also a reality in the lives of countless people around the world and throughout history. It demonstates God's love to us all.


Sing in the Storm

Paul and Silas were praying and singing praises to God even though they were in prison. Let's proclaim the goodness of God in every season and watch as the chains fall down!


Don't Quit

We cannot allow the enemy to try to destroy our future, nor take away our joy and faith in God.  We recognize that God is on the throne and He always provides a way out.


Divine Protection

Psalm 91 -  God promises us His protection. Walk with God, confess the Word and He will SURELY deliver you from all your troubles!


We Bring Hope

We are commanded by God to bring His saving grace to this lost world.


How to Ask

Jesus is very clear - ask and you will receive.  Ask in faith - -being confident in what God said He will do for you. 


God's Promise

All of God's promises are YES and Amen in Christ Jesus.



God's Rest

We do not have to toil endlessly - God has provided  all things for us. He truly cares and takes our burdens from us. 


God's Best

God has prepared His very best for His children. As we follow His lead - and seek His Kingdom - all things are added to us.