Getting to know Jesus - The Wow Factor 

In this  teaching you will discover the special qualities that Jesus possessed that had the people around Him astonished and marvelling at His insight into the human condition.
These characteristics defined who Jesus was.

  • What charactertistics do you have that define you?
  • The Word of God teaches us, "As Jesus is, so are we in this world!"



You are fit!

Through the work of Christ we have already won our battles.




Faith is a Person

 When we follow in the footsteps of Jesus our faith is renewed and grows.




 Lord open my eyes

 As we look at 2 Kings 6:8-17, we are encouraged as we realize that  there are many more with us than those against us.


 Look to Jesus Pt.3 

Through Jesus man has entered into a rest and through Him we have all things.



Look to Jesus  Pt 2

As we look to Jesus we realize that our faith is built upon our relationship with Him.



Look to Jesus

As we consider Jesus and what He has done for us we are encouraged in our faith walk. 



 Fit for the Fight

Discover how you can take possession of what we have been given by God through Jesus Christ.



 The Table 

God has prepared a table before  you

full of His blessings. 



Determination = 

Discover how God is Lord of your breakthrough.


Fair & Splendid Pt.2

Understanding the times we are living in. God is still moving and we still have the victory!


Fair & Splendid

Understanding the times we are living in. God is still moving and we still have the victory!


 Peacemakers  Pt.2

One of the  definitions of PEACE is:
Nothing missing - nothing broken. We are complete in Christ.




As we continue looking at becoming more Christ like - PEACE and becoming peacemakers  is centre to our Jesus character within us.


Peace, Hope, Future


In this New Year - God has promised to give us a future full of hope and peace. Life can come from something that seemed lifeless.


The Lord's Table       

In this morning's teaching discover what the Lord has prepared for you at His table.




 Becoming Unsinkable  Pt.2

As we continue in this teaching  we see how God's grace and faith are key factors in staying unsinkable.


 Becoming Unsinkable 

The days of Noah can be compared to these unusal times. In this teaching we discover how to become unsinkable and have the right preceptive concerning who God is. 


 The Exceptional Father  Pt.3

Discover how this exceptional father celebrated and received his precious son when he returned home.



 The Exceptional Father  Pt.2

As we continue our study in this wonderful story, we discover the steps the prodigal son took in realizing that he needed to return home to his father.  


The Exceptional Father

We can identify ourselves in the amazing story of , “The Prodigal Son”. This parable also reveals the love, acceptance, and forgiveness of a loving Father. 


W.E.L.L. Pt. 5   Love

Discover the 10 ways the Good Samaritian helped the injured person on the road. We are commanded by God to love others as He has loved us.


W.E.L.L. Pt. 4   Love

God wants us to live free from hatred and in the story of the Good Samaritan Jesus  explains how we can love ALL people, no matter who they are., unconditionally!


W.E.L.L.  Pt. 3 Worship

Worship - When we behold the presense of God we are lifted up - we are transformed and changed.



We discovered that we need to "Dance in the Desert". Thanking God is an attitude that we are to have in all circumstances.  


W.E.L.L. Pt. 2 Evangelize

Looking at the "Samartian Woman", we are inspired to reach the un-reached.


W.E.L.L.  Pt.1 Learning  

Learning from Jesus how to talk to others so that they may know their Heavenly Father.


Fulfilling Destiny

The talents that God has given each one of us directs us to our own unique purpose and destiny.  


The Process of Faith Pt.2

The walk of faith is a lifestyle in which God specializes in making the "impossibe", possible.​​​​​​​


The Process of Faith  

If we are going to overcome doubt, fear or any difficult sitution, we are going to need faith. Our faith is based on our relationship with God.


God's Presence 

Enjoy this morning’s service with one of our core leaders, Graham Ambrose.  God’s  presence is in us today so we can tell others about  His  great love for mankind.


The Future is Bright

God has made each one of us unique in our own way. When we realize the gifts and talents that God has placed in us, we have victory!


Plans and Purposes

God has called us by name and He has designed us for a specific purpose. As we allow Him to guide us we find fulfillment in our lives.


God's Plan for You

It's possible to know God's plans and assignments for your live. He has called each one of us to live a life that is  pleasing and worthy.  


The Furture  Awaits

God has known you since before He formed you in your mother's womb. He called you and gave you a purpose to fullfil.


Hope Pt. 2

The promises of God are anchored in Christ. This is our hope. Therefore worry, doubt and the problems of this world have no hold on us. 


The New "Normal"

The Jesus way to handle the "New Normal". 





Do not let your hearts be troubled because of the circumstances around you.



Open the Door and Receive

Even in the most difficult situations God will be present to move on our behalf. He will show us new doors of opportunities to open.  


The Blessed Life

A look at Matthew 5 - Blessed: - happy, to be envied, prosperous, full of joy and satisfaction! 


Good means "Good" Pt.3

God is a good Father who gives good gifts to his children. He does not give stones for bread, or snakes for fish. He gives good things to those who ask Him


Good means "Good" Pt.2

Let's bask in the love, mercy, and goodness of our Heavenly Father! He is not just the God of second chances, He is the God of infinite chances!


Good means "Good" Pt.1

We can rejoice and be confident in the fact that God is good, He gives good gifts. And good means "good". 



The Good Things

We are changed from glory to glory!  He changes our life, makes us alive and seats us in heavenly places. This means that we reign in life with Him!


Invitation to Transformation

God wants to take us to a higher way of living, so that we can experience His blessings and goodness. 



Passing with Flying Colours

Get ready to learn how to ace tests, trials and temptations of life. God has created each one of us to be overcomers in every area of our lives.


Always with Victorious

When we move from pondering and then treasuring and then applying  the Word to our lives, we can receive all that God has for us. God has made us to triumph in Christ Jesus!


Expect Miracles in Crisis

God opportunities don't always look like how we think they should! However, when we do things God's way, we will be greatly blessed


The Right Prespective

We have to learn how to have the right perspective because "our lives are shaped by our thoughts" Seeing things from God's perspective, will change your life forever!


God Stands with Us

God wants us to know that He has prepared a way out of every hardship. God will stand with us and can change our worst moments into our greatest victories!


Believing in the Resurrection

The resurrection is not only proven biblically but it is also a reality in the lives of countless people around the world and throughout history. It demonstates God's love to us all.


Sing in the Storm

Paul and Silas were praying and singing praises to God even though they were in prison. Let's proclaim the goodness of God in every season and watch as the chains fall down!


Don't Quit

We cannot allow the enemy to try to destroy our future, nor take away our joy and faith in God.  We recognize that God is on the throne and He always provides a way out.


Divine Protection

Psalm 91 -  God promises us His protection. Walk with God, confess the Word and He will SURELY deliver you from all your troubles!


We Bring Hope

We are commanded by God to bring His saving grace to this lost world.


How to Ask

Jesus is very clear - ask and you will receive.  Ask in faith - -being confident in what God said He will do for you. 


God's Promise

All of God's promises are YES and Amen in Christ Jesus.



God's Rest

We do not have to toil endlessly - God has provided  all things for us. He truly cares and takes our burdens from us. 


God's Best

God has prepared His very best for His children. As we follow His lead - and seek His Kingdom - all things are added to us.